Space Panda

What’s going on here?

On this website I’m mainly going to present my email setup which took me a few years to get to the current state.

I plan to collect and present all the hints, scraps and bits of information that I had to search for in the various corners of the internet. Just in case anyone else wants to have a similar setup—or I somehow lose and forget mine.

Now, what does this setup look like?

In its essence it’s a neomutt in conjunction with notmuch. On a server at home, with automated mail, calendar, and address book synchronisation and gnupg support.

My OpenPGP keys however do not reside on that machine: they are on my NitroKey. And, of course, said smart card device also holds the OpenPGP key that I use as the main SSH private key.

To make things a bit more appealing I use nerdfonts in neomutt and the terminal and a light solarized color scheme. And ever since the configurations have become increasingly complex I put them in a dotfiles git repository.

A screenshot of neomutt.

This is what my spam folder looks like in neomutt. At the top you can see the current identity on the left and the number of mails and the current notmuch filter on the right.

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